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INFINITI Window Stickers By VIN (1997+) is a reproduction of the original INFINITI window sticker. We provide you with factory options packages and pricing, manufacturers MSRP price when new, engine and transmission specifications, standard features and equipment, fuel economy rating, and factory recalls. Important data you need to know when buying or selling a used INFINITI.

Now there's a quick, easy way to get the INFINITI Monroney sticker information.

Just put in the VIN. Or snap the QR code with the mobile app while you are on the lot. You’ll see the original sticker of that car with all the important information you need.

Now there's a quick, easy way to get a Monroney Label

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What is a INFINITI Monroney Label?

U.S. law requires a window sticker, known as a Monroney label, to be displayed on all new cars. These stickers contain mandatory information about the car including the following:

  • Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)
  • Engine and transmission specifications
  • Standard equipment and warranties
  • Optional equipment and pricing
  • Fuel economy ratings

What are the benefits of getting a INFINITI Monroney label?

  • Accurate information on factory-fitted options
  • Undervalue minimization
  • Safety Recall information
  • Code Guide information