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As a dealer, you know the average used car retail gross is going down. 70% of vehicles listed for sale on the internet have missing or misdescribed factory options. In order to sell the vehicles on your website faster, you need to build more value into that vehicle in the mind of your customer.


A Monroney label gives your website visitors more accurate information faster. We show them what the vehicles cost when new with the correct factory option packages and the correct factory color. By clicking on the "window sticker" badge beside your listing, visitors turn into buyers. They see the real value in your offering by showing top down selling. Visitors can see exactly what is on the vehicle in an easy-to-understand format they are used to.

With consumers spending days researching vehicles on the internet, it is imperative that dealers correctly describe their vehicles on their internet listings.

Its easy to implement. Our IT team will contact your internet provider and provide them with the code to go on your site. Our window sticker logo will appear next to your CarFax logo or your Autocheck logo.

Our system has dealer reports so you know which vehicles are getting the most traffic. It also has a built-in lead generator.

12,000 dealer customers can't be wrong!

Please give us a call 843-837-3700 and let’s get started.

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