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Two Ways to Install

There are two options for adding the window sticker to your website:

Icon Integration

Cut and paste some code

Easier Installation

Less customization


Do everything yourself using our API's.

Harder Installation

More customization

Icon Integration

Here's a preview of what the window sticker icon will look like on your website. Try clicking it.

Icon Integration Documentation


VIN Decode API provides an API for users to decode VIN numbers. This API is available via POST or GET using the application/json format. Users must be already registered and provide an API token in order to use these services.

VIN Decode API Documentation

Brands API provides an API for users to predict whether window sticker data is available for a vehicle before decoding it:

Brands API Documentation


Oauth VIN Decode API can use the Oauth protocol for authentication. Here's how to decode a car once you have the access token.

Oauth VIN Decode API Documentation

Third Party Oauth Authenication

How to implement OAuth 2.0 authorization to access MonroneyLabels. OAuth 2.0 allows your dealers to share specific data with your application while keeping their username and password secret.

Third Party Oauth Authentication Documentation



Instructions to request the window sticker from your Sincro Apps dashboard.

Sincro Tutorial

Add MonroneyLabels to vAuto

Instructions to get a link to MonroneyLabels on your vAuto Provision dashboard.

MonroneyLabels on vAuto Tutorial