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    Here's a preview of what the window sticker icon will look like on your website. Try clicking it.


    Four Ways to Install

    There are four options for adding the window sticker to your website:



    Cut and paste some code

    Easier Installation

    Less customization


    CDK Global

    Use this if you are a CDK Global customer.


    Data Feed

    Send us your VIN's in a batch file and we'll decode them for you.



    Do everything yourself using our API's.

    Harder Installation

    More customization

    Which option should I choose?

    If you are a CDK Global customer, choose CDK Global. Otherwise, choose Quickstart if you're unsure.

    Can I manually edit the car prices and options?

    Yes. Any account can log in to see all the cars in their account. From there you can manually enter VIN's and edit the car options.

    Can you pull in and update the used car prices onto the window sticker automatically?

    Yes, use the Data Feed option.


    We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Email us.