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  • Send us a data feed of your VIN's and we'll decode them for you. There are three steps:

    1. Get FTP Credentials
    2. Send us a data feed
    3. Retrieve the decoded cars

    Step 1: Get FTP Credentials

    Fill out this form to receive your username and password for our FTP server.

    Step 2: Send us a data feed

    Log in to our FTP server:

      Username: (your FTP username)
      Password: (your FTP password)
      Port: 21

    Our FTP server doesn't support passive mode, so if you are having trouble connecting, try turning off passive mode in your export script.

    Send us a CSV file containing all the cars you want to decode. We'll decode them using the VIN and insert the stock number, mileage, etc in the appropriate places.

    Here's a short example:

    "1C4BJWDG7DL560487","U1675","86220","2013","Jeep","Wrangler Unlimited","22288"
    "1C4HJWDG5EL245005","U1698","75494","2014","Jeep","Wrangler Unlimited","25887"

    We'll decode only those brands that are fully automatically decoded so you don't have to worry about filtering them.

    Step 3: Retrieve the decoded cars

    Retrieve the filtered, decoded cars using our Vin List API.


    We recommend linking this icon to the window sticker.



    Use the following guidelines to place the window sticker:

    1. Only on used cars.
    2. On every Vehicle Description Page(VDP) and Search Results Page(SRP).
    3. Next to the Carfax logo




    We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Email us.